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America’s Exports and Imports

America’s Exports and Imports

America is around the third largest exporter in the world and has been shipping over a trillion dollars in goods annually for years. Based on statistics from a couple years ago, America’s biggest exports clients were China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and our two closest neighbors: Canada and Mexico.

America’s top exports include: Civilian aircraft and aircraft parts, semiconductors, passenger cars, auto parts and accessories, medical and pharmaceutical preparations and equipment, industrial machinery, plastic materials, telecommunication equipment, computer accessories, and fuel oil.

America’s fastest growing exports include: Natural gas, chemical fertilizers, corn, rice, coal, soybeans, diary products and eggs, nonmonetary gold, wheat, barley, and oats.

America is also a hefty importer – buying over a trillion dollar worth of goods from the world every year. Many of our top sellers are those nations with which we do most of our exporting – China, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Germany.

America’s top imports include: crude oil and other petroleum products, passenger cars, telecommunications and video equipment, computer accessories, medical and pharmaceutical preparations, and cotton apparel

America’s fastest-growing imports include: Crude oil, fertilizers and pesticides, coal and similar fuels, drilling and oilfield equipment, oilseeds and food oils, feedstuffs, steelmaking materials, non-metallic minerals, non-agricultural foods, and food additives

America buys and sells somewhere in the neighborhood of two to four trillion dollars worth of goods annually. Emerging markets like India and the continued economic growth of China will probably mean more business with America and more competition on the world market.

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